Macarons are the bane of my life.

Their inconsistency troubles me greatly. I have spent countless hours trawling the dark circles of baking blogs trying to decipher them.
I have learnt three things:
1. There’ll always be some that stick to the baking paper.  I was using sandwich paper, couldn’t really be any dumber.

2. There’ll always be some that don’t have a foot, no matter how much you whack the baking sheet on the bench.

This one’s still true, there are a few that are a bit warped.

3. They definitely are worth the price you pay for them in the shops.
Yup yup yup.

Today was my second attempt at chocolate macarons. Previous attempts at vanilla have proven successful, so I thought I’d venture into chocolate territory. Bad idea, as last time, everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. They’ve stuck, they’re hollow, and not all of them have a formed foot. WHY???

I can’t actually answer this, but I know that the mixing, temperature and sugar content all play a part.

So while I gently try to peel these empty shells from their paper, enjoy some photos of my only successful macarons to date.